Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days in your life. Many important decisions will be made as you make your way towards that finish line. Some decisions are big and some are small. The larger decisions are essential to the meaning and progression of the day. The smaller decisions can add the special touch to complete your memories.

Ian Goff – Goff Tents & Events

When making these decisions, be sure to carefully consider who you are trusting to bring your vision to life. The last thing you want when making any kind of decision is a vendor that offers little insight or experience. Every wedding has different needs, obstacles and budgets. It’s important to look at the all aspects of each decision to be sure you are using a professional who understands the overall picture. Ultimately, it’s the little extras that can make a difference.

One of the extras you may need to consider is rental products and equipment. Tents, chairs, tables, linens and other items may play a role in achieving the atmosphere you are hoping to provide for your guests. In addition, if your wedding is outdoors, it may keep them dry or warm! When making such a decision, several questions need to be contemplated. Is this something you want to do yourself to save time and money? Should you trust it to the friend of your brother who knows somebody that has a tent? Or instead, will you trust it to a professionally certified business that knows the ins and outs of how to prepare and set up for your wedding day?  A good rental company will have what you need and help prepare for the unexpected with a good back-up plan for any situation.

A rental professional will bring the event layout to life. They can provide you with a CAD drawing (a professional diagram of your event) that will show you exactly how everything will be set up. It will give alternative layout that will allow for the wedding ceremony to be performed in the reception space in case of rain.  This drawing will also allow you to visualize the layout of every table, chair, stage and dance floor, etc.

Don’t overlook the value of your time!  A rental professional can save you lots of time (and money) when it comes to some of the small detail items as well. For example, you can purchase linens online for $12 each, but remember that each one will need to be steamed and pressed before they are ready to be placed on the table. It will take hours if you try and do it yourself. If you have someone do it for you it will cost between $7-$10 per linen. That is around $22 per table cloth.

Don’t forget that after the wedding, each linen must be cleaned and pressed again (another $7-10) before you put them away or try to resell them. That means more time and money spent. When all is said, and done, renting a linen for $17 might not sound so bad.

Another product that creates a wonderful atmosphere is the lighting. String lights and crystal chandeliers from a rental company might seem expensive compared to pulling the Christmas tree lights out of the attic. However, do you really want to spend the day before and after your wedding on a ladder rolling and unrolling lights?

The major “extra” you can invest in is service. When using a wedding professional, service means so many things.  It’s listening to the client. It’s experience.  It’s wanting to be more than just a company that rents tents, tables and chairs. It’s making suggestions that enhance your vision. It’s a company that strives for excellence every time. It’s the installation crews that arrive on time and are courteous and knowledgeable.  It’s crews that respect your property and know what they are doing. It’s the clean-up!

When you’re trying to decide which company is the best one to provide services for your wedding, look at reviews, compare prices, and ask for references.  The most important consideration should be how comfortable you are with talking to the vendor.  You will be working closely with them for many weeks.  No one thing makes an event company great. However, a company that pays attention to the little things will certainly be one to consider.

Event photos: Kevin & Anna Photography