Jason Henninger, Kentucky Pro DJ

Planning the wedding reception of your dreams can be just as important as planning the ceremony and vow exchange. As you arrive at the reception, you will want to ensure that someone is a visible host and organizer to announce your arrival and significant moments throughout the evening. Often times, this person is your DJ team or Band Leader. We call this person the Master of Ceremonies or MC.

The MC is an integral part of your wedding day. It is much more than just talking on the microphone. The MC is a direct representation of the couple and their families.  You want your MC to be professional and polished on the microphone.

The Master of Ceremonies is a person that has a lot of duties, most of which, if done correctly, are behind the scenes, off the microphone.  They are the director of the event, not the producer.  Much like the director of a play, they make sure everything and everyone is in place, ready to go, so that when they say, “Lights, camera, action,” it flows smoothly for the audience, rather than a bunch of ill-prepared actors sort of walking around the stage bumping into each other. The Master of Ceremonies directs, informs, and guides you and your guests throughout the entire evening.  They need to be able to speak clearly and professionally to match your style.

A DJ that is an announcer will say, “It’s time for the first dance”, or, “It’s time for the toasts”. A Master of Ceremonies makes sure all champagne glasses are filled, the VIPs (couple, Best Man/Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, etc.) are in the room, ready to go and know where to stand, how to hold the mic, how to begin and end their toasts and what to do after they’re done speaking.  The MC has double-checked with your vendor team (the photographer, videographer, planner, kitchen staff, etc.) to make sure everything is ready to go and everyone is ready before anyone is introduced to give a toast.

Can you make a great movie without a great director?  The MC transitions dozens of moments smoothly, so that it’s not simply a laundry list of to-do items (bouquet, garter, first dance, etc.), but a smoothly orchestrated, entertaining, engaging and emotional day for the couple and all of their guests.

Most bands and DJ’s got into the business to entertain via music, not for public speaking.  When you are interviewing your DJ or Band, ask them if they are comfortable being a MC?  Ask them if they have had any formal training as an MC?  When was the last time you had training and what exactly was the training? Anyone can make an announcement on the microphone, it’s critical to have someone who has invested in training and is prepared for your event.

When introducing the honored guests it is important for your DJ/MC to be present on the dance floor and inspiring your guests to participate. That is very hard for just a DJ. If there is a MC dedicated to crowd motivation, coordinating and inspiration and a DJ who just focuses on mixing awesome music, the potential of the wedding reception goes from being great, to being flawless.

The addition of a great MC can turn your event into a polished, clean, seamless experience for you and your guests. Even if you have a band booked for your entertainment, adding an experienced MC can help keep your event moving and allow the band to just focus on what they do best: playing great music. (headshot: Claire and Barrett, photos: Five By Five Photography)