Tell us your love story!
Kyle and I met at a restaurant in Birmingham, AL on Trivia Night. The only questions we got correct were the sports and music questions. I remember telling my friend how cute I thought Kyle was that night. After a year of friendship and maybe one month into dating, I already knew I would be with Kyle forever. I’m not sure if it was his strikingly good looks or his Backstreet Boys Karaoke performances that won me over, but I’m happy he is mine.

How did Kyle propose?
Kyle had already been ring shopping and hid the ring at my house for a month or so before we actually found a few minutes alone. We made plans to go to church Sunday morning. I was tired and moving slow, while Kyle was already dressed and ready to go. He made breakfast while I moped around in my pajamas. It was a beautiful morning and he asked if I wanted to eat breakfast outside.

It was already 200 degrees at 8am, so I was grumpy that it was hot and that mosquitoes were eating me. I complained and asked to go inside. Kyle looked at my kind of funny and said “no, let’s just sit here a little longer.” Then, I decided I was too hot to eat. So I just sat there waiting for Kyle to hurry up so I could go inside. I noticed a little bit of panic in his eyes, so I reassured him that I appreciated him making breakfast and that it was delicious. I just wasn’t hungry.

What seemed like hours later, he looked up at me and said “OK- are you ready?” and I said, “to go inside? YES! Finally.” and started to stand up. Then, he got down and said “no, to spend the rest of your life with me?”

Only after I said yes did Kyle reveal to me that he had written, “will you marry me?” on the plate my food was on. I completely ruined his plan, but I am so thankful he went through with it!

What elements were most important to you on your wedding day?
The only things I cared about were marrying Kyle and celebrating with my family and friends. One thing we did love picking out was the food! Food is something that we both love and we have had so many memorable moments involving food, including our engagement. We had to have our Mac & Cheese bar so you could mix and match your favorites as well as a biscuit bar with all of your favorite meats and toppings. The food was true southern comfort food.

What advice would you give other brides?
Try to enjoy every second, because it flies by. I wish we could relive our day over and over again because it was so much fun! Remember that this is a big moment for your parents and family too and they just want to help, no matter how stressful it might seem. At the end of the day, you are going to be married. That’s all that really matters!

Photographer: Jessica Lynn Hatton Photography
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Champion Trace Golf Club
Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Suits: Geno’s Formal Affair
Caterer: Champion Trace Golf Club
Wedding Cake: Cakes by BeBe
DJ: Mark Martin
Florals: Boston Road Kroger
Hair: Cassie Campbell
Videographer: Jessica Lynn Hatton Photography
Room Block Hotel: Hilton Suites at Lexington Green
Cookie Bar: Burke’s Bakery
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Copperfield Clubhouse
Registry: Target and Bed Bath and Beyond
Jewelry: Designs by Ali Rose

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