Michelle Franzetti – Franzetti Photography

One area of wedding planning commonly overlooked is the importance of planning your location and plans for getting ready on the big day. It has become customary for photographers to join the wedding party during dressing preparations to record important moments like putting on the dress, adding boutonnieres, and sweet moments with close friends and family. Getting ready photos make beautiful additions to your wedding album to help tell the story of your day. These images can be even better if a few elements are in place. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when selecting a space to prepare for your wedding day that will help those investments shine and help give you stress-free prep-time.

Great Light
If I had to pick the one thing I need as a photographer to give you great photos, it is great natural light! Natural light is any light that comes from the sun. Regardless of the style your photographer, light allows for more flexibility and creativity when a camera is involved. If you are visiting your getting ready space options, try to stop by in the morning hours to see what the light would look like while you are prepping.  Your makeup artist will also appreciate a well-lit workspace. The more light, the better!

It is important to be mindful of the colors in the rooms you will have access to for getting ready photos. It is best to avoid very bold colors because they can result in what photographers call color casting. When light bounces off a bold color, for example a bright green, it can cause a green tint on other areas the light hits such as your face or dress. Prioritize spaces with more neutral colors and your photographer will use your wedding details to bring your own personal style to the space. This makes for a great cohesive wedding album. 

Space to Spread Out
Having multiple rooms/spaces can be a lifesaver on a wedding day. It allows you to enjoy your preparations without feeling crowded or overwhelmed. You can ask guests to store their items in one room so the room you are taking photos in can be free of distractions. When you are crowded in to a space too small, you are more likely to spend time searching for items or even tripping over them. Having more space means a calming atmosphere.

Distance from Ceremony Site
Sometimes wedding timelines do change. It is great to be close to the ceremony site or first look location to ease any anxiety about moving from one location to the next. Some venues offer great getting ready locations on site which is a fantastic bonus. Having both sides of the wedding party get ready in the same location can be convenient for things like communication, commuting, and your photographer. However, it can be tricky to keep the lucky couple from seeing each other throughout the day. Some people prefer to stay in one area all day long while others benefit from a change in scenery.

Clear Space
Last but not least, having clear space to work with can make your photography options much more versatile. Keep an eye out for spaces that have some open room between the furniture and even a nice clear wall. This will allow for options like a perfect first look with bridesmaids or the father of the bride. Clear open space allows your photographer to focus on you and all the details you put so much thought into.

You will spend almost a third of your wedding day in the space you choose. Nothing is more important than you having a space you feel comfortable in. If you feel lost in this decision, reach out to your photographer or makeup artists and they will likely have a list of great suggestions!