Love story!
Ryan and Madison met at a local restaurant where Madison worked. Madison had recently moved back to Morehead from Lexington and started working at Reno’s, a local bar/restaurant. Ryan works for a local car dealership in Morehead and decided to stop by Reno’s for dinner one night after work. Madison and Ryan struck up a conversation about something they both loved to do, RzR riding. Ryan showed her a picture and told her all about the good spots she should go. Madison thinking Ryan was cute decided to follow him on Instagram. A few days later Ryan sent Madison a friend request on Facebook. Madison being busy didn’t make the connection at first until she saw Ryan again at the restaurant. Ryan decided to visit Reno’s for lunch for about two weeks every day. She accepted his friend request and he sent her a message shortly after. For their first date, they went out to a local Mexican restaurant followed by a haunted house. Madison being petrified of haunted houses was convinced to go. The whole night Madison remembers holding onto the back of his shirt and stepping on his feet. It was the perfect excuse to stay close.

How did he propose?
Madison and Ryan decided to join Ryan’s family for a vacation at Navarre Beach. Ryan’s Mom hid the ring in her luggage and kept it safe while they were at the condo. Everybody planned to take some family photos on the beach on their last day. This was when Ryan planned to propose but he couldn’t wait that long. While the whole family was in the living room Ryan went into his Mom’s room desperately trying to search for the ring. His Mom went to find Ryan and told him that she had it safe. Ryan informed his Mom that he had waited long enough and wanted to propose that night. So Ryan’s Mom secretly let the family know what was going to happen and suggested that they all go for a walk on the beach for sunset. Madison was a little confused not knowing where Ryan was or why he hadn’t talked to her since they got to the condo. Ryan started walking towards the water while his brother and stepdad made funny jokes to distract Madison from seeing his mom taking a video. Ryan called Madison over to the ocean where he was standing. He pointed down to the sand by her feet where he had written, “Will you marry me?” Tears began to roll down Ryan’s cheeks as he got down on one knee. Madison said, “Hurry put it on my finger.” After she realized what had happened and her heart was back in rhythm she double checked to say, “Yes!”

How did you choose your venue?
As soon as I stepped foot on the Griffin Gate’s Resort, I knew it was the perfect place for us. My (now) husband is an avid golfer, so it was only fitting for us to get married on a golf course. Not to mention, the scenery. The scenery at the Griffin Gate absolutely took my breath away. It was also very convenient because we had a lot of family coming in from out of town. All of our family could stay at the Marriott and be engaged in activities with the wedding party without ever having to leave the facility. 

What elements were most important for your wedding day to you?
Family. Family was one of the most important aspects of our wedding day. We wanted our wedding day to not only represent us coming together as a couple, but the joining of our families as well. Pictures were another HUGE element to us on our wedding day. Everyone always told us that the day would fly by and after the wedding all we would have to look back on are the photos. 

What advice would you give other brides?
Take it all in! Enjoy every single moment you can. Although the planning process may become stressful, think to yourself “Is this going to make a difference on my wedding day?” Because I’m sure the answer will be “no.” After the planning process is over and you make it to your wedding day, none of the past will matter. All that will matter on the big day is the fact that you and your spouse are becoming one. Even if your soon-to-be-husband does knock his head on the chandelier in front of everyone, right in the middle of your love-lock ceremony (yes, that really happened on our wedding day)!

Photographer: Kevin and Anna Photography
Ceremony Venue: Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
Reception Venue: Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
Wedding Dress Shop: Renee’s Bridal (Mount Sterling, KY)
Men’s Attire: Geno’s Formal Affair
Wedding Planner: Elizabeth Renee Harris
Caterer: Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
DJ: Kentucky Pro DJ
Florals: Blooms N’ Blossoms
Rentals: Bryant’s Rent-All
Hair: Niki Varney – Joli Salon & Day Spa
Makeup: Jackie Leanna Perry – Joli Salon & Day Spa
Officiant : Brett Stamps – Gateway Christian Church Mount Sterling, KY
Videographer: James Hatchett – Open Window Media
Hotel Room Block: Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa
Reception Favors: Local Jars of Honey – Crigger Farms
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Malone’s Prime Events & Receptions
Bridal Shower Location: Gateway Christian Church – Mount Sterling, KY
Registry: Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, JCPenney
Lighting: Kentucky Pro DJ
Alterations: Renee’s Bridal
Other: LAB Fabricating, LLC – Frankfort, KY