How did he propose?
I waited 8 years for Johnathan to propose, so I thought there was no way he would be able to surprise me with it, since I was anticipating it at every date night. Shockingly he did surprise me! The night started off by just going to dinner and on our way home we were taking the long route. He took a different turn and I was a little confused. That’s when he pulled up to one of those horse-riding venues they have in Virginia. I was so excited, I hadn’t ridden in almost a year and we had been talking about it for a bit beforehand. When we pulled up the head person started to talk to me about my riding experience.  I told her I had been riding since I was a kid. Because I had some riding experience, after the trail ride she would slip us out away from the group so I could gallop! I was so excited I kind of forgot about John being there. The place also did pictures at the end of the ride, so after getting to gallop and ride for a bit we came to a stop to get our picture. That’s when Johnathan got off his horse. I was a little confused, but then I got upset because he asked me to get down as well. That is when he got down on one knee and said, “I know this is way past due, but will you marry me?” For our first date I took Johnathan horse back riding on my family farm, so it was fun to see it come full circle.

How did you choose your wedding venue?
I wanted a country wedding with horses and hills, but the main selling point for our venue was the weeping willow that we could get married under. My mom passed away when I was three and my dad planted a weeping willow in her memory so my sisters and I would have a place to go to talk to her since she was buried away from us. I knew when I saw that weeping willow that The Ashley Inn was the venue for us.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kevin and Anna Photography

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