Trying to decide on catering for your reception can be a daunting task when it comes to all the details associated with where, how, and what you’re going to serve your guests. Fear no more! Food trucks can be the solution to your catering complications. While they are one of the main attractions at a lot of street festivals, they can now be a memorable part of your wedding day!

Beth Campbell Richardson – Owner, Spotz Gelato

Food trucks may be utilized in so many innovative ways for your reception. If you are having an outdoor reception, your guests will love the novelty of a food truck. The fun atmosphere and novelty that food trucks can bring to your event will encourage laughter and smiles. They even make a great backdrop for instantaneous photos opts.

When planning a reception with food trucks, consider a couple of important details. To ensure proper and timely service, book one food truck per 75 guests. This guideline allows for maximum efficiency when it comes to serving guests hot, fresh food, and keeps wait times to a minimum. More than one food truck also means a variety of options to please even the pickiest of palates.

Make sure that you meet with both your venue coordinator and your food truck contact beforehand to ensure everyone’s needs are met, so there aren’t any food truck faux pas on your big day! Some good questions to ask potential food trucks when planning your food are:

  • Does your food truck require an electric hook up, or can you provide your own generator? How many amps of electric do you need? Are there any extra costs for running your own generator?
  • How much space does your food truck need to set up and serve x-number of people?
  • How early will you need to arrive to be ready to serve at the specified time?
  • What is included in your meal service? Do I need to purchase plates/cutlery or will you provide them?

Some details to work out with your venue include:

  • Do you have electric access close to my chosen food location? Is the amount of electric enough to power the food trucks?
  • Will my reception floor plan allow the trucks easy access to their set up location? (A quick entry and departure is key, so that you and your guests can continue the party after dinner.)
  • Do outside vendors need any special permit/license to serve at this venue?

Once you’ve gotten all the organizational details as far as location, space, and accommodations taken care of for your food truck service, the fun begins! You can use food trucks at your reception in a variety of ways. Use the food trucks to serve the main meal, thus creating a whimsical, hip, festival style reception with the fun of walk up service. Add to the festive atmosphere by choosing to use picnic tables for seating and fun décor such as strung lights. Or, add some flair to your food truck reception meal by serving it with the traditional china and crystal. Even at a sit-down meal, food trucks can be very budget friendly compared to traditional catering.

Food trucks could also be used to serve late-night snacks for your guests, whether you are indoors or out. Guests can sneak away from the dance floor and grab a snack from the food truck without having to stop the party. You can also choose to treat your guests with a sweet snack close to the end of the reception by choosing an unexpected dessert food such as gelato, ice cream or an international delight. The perfect, fun dessert will ensure a sweet ending!

After deciding when you want the food service at your reception, it’s time to choose your favorite trucks. With so many options in the local food truck scene, you should be able to satisfy your gastronomical palate. Inviting one food truck per 75 guests also allows you to plan for different options and pairing of food tastes. If you like tacos, but your honey loves sushi, why not have both? Some options include BBQ, pizza, Greek food, burgers, comfort food, hot dogs, Asian fare and even Mexican. Farm to table food trucks that serve fresh, locally sourced menu items are always a great choice when considering your lineup. The list is long and varied!

Food trucks are a unique, entertaining way to get the party started and keep it going at your reception. The flexibility and range of choices you have when choosing food trucks to cater your reception allows you to create the perfect atmosphere. When comparing costs, food trucks can come out on top over traditional catering, allowing you to save valuable funds for other expenses without sacrificing on quality or portions. Most importantly, the sheer spectacle of seeing food trucks at your reception creates a memorable night that you and your wedding guests won’t soon forget!

Headshot: Wes Brown Photography, Onsite Photographs: Kevin & Anna Photography