Groom’s Love Story
In between exploring abandoned amusement parks, using our clothing as canvases as we threw paint at each other or creating things that we truly knew would make someone say “…huh.” I figured out the discovery and adventure with this incredible human being is something I wanted to explore and watch grow for the rest of my life. I knew there was something special about Amanda at the very beginning when I could be completely myself. Instead of looking at me like I was crazy, I’d get a smile and an “I love you” instead of a raised eyebrow.

Bride’s Love Story
I don’t believe in fairytale romances, but I knew that Matt was special when he asked me to be pirates with him. We’d known each other previously at UK’s film club, and that was the beginning of the romance. Would I be a pirate with him? Of course I would!

The Proposals
We actually were planning on proposing on the exact same day. Matt just beat me to it by a couple of hours. We both had our rings sent to my sister’s house and basically just passed each other as we picked them up. He proposed at the Penguin Encounter at Newport Aquarium, about an hour before I planned on proposing at the Shark Tank.

How did you choose your venue?
We’ve known the family that owns Churchill’s, for years and knew that they ran a tight ship. In addition, there was something about a space so lovingly preserved that spoke to our own hopes for the steadfastness of our relationship.

What elements were most important for your wedding day?
We wanted a space where people could come together and celebrate. We wanted the food to taste good and there to be actual activities for guests. We wanted to show what a marriage really is: bringing two families together.

What advice would you give other couples?
Wear tennis shoes! Save time for you! Your wedding is about other people, but you need to have the space to sit down and just chow down on some french fries while everyone else panics cause you forgot your veil.

Photographer: CoPhoto
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Churchill’s
Wedding Dress Shop: Twirl Lexington
Caterer: Rolling Oven Pizza, Thai & Mighty & Crank and Boom
Wedding Cake: Elizabeth Lowry Cakes
Florals: Foley’s Florist & Gift Shop
Rentals: Inflatable Fun
Hair: Angela, Prism Hair Salon
Room Block Hotel: Historic Boone Tavern Restaurant & Hotel
Carictatures: Cartoon Ups