Lauren Weissmueller, Geno’s Formal Affair

You found the perfect tuxedo or suit for your big day, but you’re not finished. It’s a big check off the to-do list, but looking great is paying attention to the details. The details are in the accessories, and to get that polished look, it’s the small things that make the biggest statements. The men’s accessories coordinate the groom and groomsmen with the bride and bridesmaids to bring everything together when outfitting your wedding. The guys’s accessories often match or complement the color of the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding colors. It begins with the tie. It’s the focal point of the ensemble and a great piece to begin the accessorizing.


A major trend that has come to the forefront in recent years is the bowtie. Making a strong comeback, bowties are trending, especially in wedding wear. A common misconception about bowties is that they’re reserved for formal weddings or are old-fashioned, however that is not the case. Bowties are very versatile and can be worn with a tuxedo or suit. Bowties come in lots of colors and patterns that make them suitable for any occasion, whether it’s super formal or more laid-back. If your wedding is formal or a “black tie affair,” the easiest choice is the black bowtie.The bowtie pairs nicely with a vest, cummerbund, suspenders, or a combinations of these. When putting together your ensemble, you can’t go wrong with a bowtie.

While the bowtie may be the fad in the neckwear category, the necktie isn’t going anywhere. The necktie is a clean, classic look that comes in a variety of patterns, colors, materials, and widths. The biggest shift in trends with the necktie is the width. The skinny tie began as a very popular trend, but now it’s gradually become less popular. The wide and skinny ties are merging to form a mutually happy medium width tie. The necktie is a versatile option for weddings, and it wears strikingly with a vest, or on its own.


When deciding which accessories to pair with your tie, choose from a vest, cummerbund, or suspender. Wearing any of these helps maintain a sleek look, especially when the coat is taken off, and they accompany the tie perfectly. They give the outfit something beyond an everyday look, which is what you want on your wedding day. The men will also look great in pictures because the cameras are still rolling even when the coats come off.

Suspenders create a very fun and fresh look. They come in a variety of colors, or you can stick to classic black. They pair nicely with bowties and can match your tuxedo, suite or tie. Fashion socks with colors and patterns are popular too. The staple black dress sock is a must for a black tie ensemble, but otherwise, adding some color with socks is a nice touch. The pocket square is another one of those subtle details that make a big difference. Incorporating a nicely folded pocket square adds a finished look to any outfit. You can personalize it to match the bridesmaids or weddings colors. The studs and links are another small detail, but dressing up the working parts of your ensemble will go a long way towards pulling it all together. The most common sets have black centers with silver rims. Shoes are, of course, a necessity and come in patent leather or a matte finish. Patent leather is more common with a tuxedo and matte is typically worn with a suit.

When it comes to styling for a wedding, girls aren’t the only ones who get to have fun! The guys have a lot of fun options to choose from too! The key to elevating your wedding day look is in the details. When you dress up, you want to look your very best. The final touches made to an outfit are what transform your look into something special.