The designer you choose to create your floral accents is going to play a key role in the overall look of your wedding. You want to find someone who understands your vision and is going to create something that reflects your style. Think beyond the ordinary and find someone with whom you are comfortable giving some creative freedom with your flowers. Decide, before you meet with anyone, how much you plan to spend on flowers. A valuable floral designer can help you decide what works best within your budget; telling them upfront will make your consultation more productive. Choosing wedding flowers for your wedding can be one the most enjoyable parts of the planning process. 

Be sure that your designer is experienced, attentive, reliable, and creative. Ask to see a portfolio to show his/her body of work before deciding anything. Make your decision on how well you connect with the designer, if you’re comfortable with this person(s), and if they “get” you.  Be honest with your designer when discussing the affect you want to achieve. Then, when you settle on an idea of what you envision and feel satisfied you are understood, the designer is free to be creative. The final look of all of the flowers should appear inspired, unique and exceed any expectations you might have had.  

Here are a few points to keep in mind when working with a floral designer. 

  1. Be upfront about your budget. You usually know what you’d like to spend on big ticket items like cars, furniture or your wedding dress. The same holds true for wedding flowers.  If you have no clue what to budget for flowers, be upfront with that too! Your designer can guide you in making choices that fit your style and budget.  Being upfront during a consultation will help the process go much smoother and faster!  
  2. Trust your designer.   Many times when a client sits down to describe their perfect wedding style, a designer can “see” what you want. That’s the creativity your look for! Communicate your likes and dislikes.  Trust your designer. The end-product will be original, fresh and tailored specifically to you! When you leave your consultation, you should feel at ease and comfortable with your designer.  
  3. Don’t get boxed in. Each designer has his/her own style. Don’t be boxed in by a specific inspirational picture. Use magazines, online searches and favorite “pins” for inspiration. Take these photos with you to your floral consultation for examples of your ideas and style, but keep an open mind to suggestions from your designer. You may end up with something totally different, but much more to your liking. 
  4. Don’t buy any other décor items until you meet with your florist.  Your designer can likely save you money if you purchase or rent containers from them. Many times the containers you find aren’t water tight or are the wrong size. Besides, who wants 30 vases when the party is over anyway? 
  5. Don’t compare apples to apples. Each designer is different. The same proposal interpreted by two designers may look totally different with two different prices. Pricing and detail will not be the same from designer to designer. One designer may offer services that another doesn’t. Base your wedding florist on referrals, connections and sometimes just a gut feeling.  
  6. Do your research. Ask around! Who did your best friend hire? Check out the online reviews, Instagram, Facebook, website and body of work. Word of mouth is a great tool as well! Ask your family, friends and other wedding vendors for recommendations.
  7. Is DIY really worth it?  You only get to be a bride once in your life. Enjoy the day with your friends and family. The last thing you want to do is to ruin your manicure right before the wedding, pick thorns out of your hands, or worry about resuscitating those wilted hydrangea. Plus, the time and stress of last minute preparations can unnerve you when you need to be ready to relax and enjoy your day.   
  8. Be prepared! Come to your consultation with your venue information, a wedding date and a budget. Limit your entourage to one or two people. Too many opinions can overwhelm you. Wedding planning should be fun, especially concerning the flowers.  
  9. Flowers are important! Other than you, of course. Bouquets and flowers are one of the most photographed elements of the day. So often we hear “flowers just die”. Well, yes they do. However, flowers live forever in photos and will add unspoken beauty to your wedding.  
  10. Ask questions!  Don’t be afraid to ask your designer questions. He/she can help answer questions about colors, style, flower types, etc. Often your designer is clued in on all parts of a wedding. He/she can make recommendations, suggestions, and even style the entire event. You’ll be spending a few months with this person, so be sure to feel comfortable having those discussions with him/her.   

Remember, a true designer takes great pleasure in the ability to flower a couple’s wedding day. Personalizing the floral look and giving a floral experience meant exclusively for each client is of upmost importance. The right person will make all the ‘blooming’ difference when it comes to your flowers.