Bridal Bliss Magazine Publication Guidelines

BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE is always on the lookout for stunning imaginative editorials and new photographers to work with. We invite you to submit photography submissions to be published in BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE (printed magazine) or (online bridal blog magazine).

You agree, by submitting your contribution, to grant BRIDAL BLISS / the right to reproduce, modify/crop to fit template, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, play, make available to the public, and or to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media now known or later developed.

Please note that BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE is a registered trademark and if you are planning to submit to the magazine, this does not give you the right to use the magazine’s name to utilize other business services including but not limited to: PRs, designers, models, model agencies, studios etc. Failure to comply may lead to legal action against you.

You warrant that your contribution:
– Is your own original work and that you have the right to make it available for purposes specified above
– Is allowed to be used in all our formats including: our online magazine (, digital tablets, limited edition print, marketing material etc.
– Has not been printed in a print publication / published on a national blog
– You agree that all photos submitted may be used in any form throughout BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE whether in a real wedding lay out or stock imaging to fill the publication.
– You agree to indemnify BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE and against all legal fees, damages, and other expenses that may be incurred by BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE or as a result of your breach of the above warranty, and waive any moral rights in your contribution for the purposes of its submission to and publication on BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE and and the purposes specified above.

BRIDAL BLISS MAGAZINE enforces a strict editing / quality policy and due to the amount of photography submissions received we are often not able to offer feedback unless the submission is of interest.

Form for couples to fill out for photographer to include in submission.